Deja Vu All Over Again

February 10, 2010 at 8:16 am Leave a comment

Friday into Saturday, we got 25″ of snow.

We shoveled out, and I got to work Monday and Tuesday, but I was scheduled off today.  Thank goodness:

Snowy street, 2/10.10

My street, 8:03 am, Feb. 10, 2010

It looks like another snow day / sew day!

I actually didn’t accomplish as much over the weekend as I would have liked, but then again, unrealistic expectations have always been a problem for me.  I’m not a fast quilter.  I set my personal perfection threshold fairly high; I have a favorite seam ripper, and I use it.  This is why deadlines are so helpful to me:  they reduce the dithering.  What I did manage to accomplish:

1)  The final side border corners on “Ruby Wedding” have been pinned into place and I’ve started to applique them down.

Fergus Ruby Wedding

"I'm helping!"

2)  I have decided that I’m going to quilt the panel sections of “Window on Whimsy” in a small clamshell pattern.

3)  All the additional pieces (not many, I was frighteningly accurate in my estimate when I cut pieces several years ago) necessary for the half-block border of “Taupe Winding Ways” have been cut, and 24 of the 64 half-blocks are complete.

I’m hoping to finish an additional 20 half-blocks that are currently on the bed of the sewing machine, and then get back to quilting “Window on Whimsy.”  The main obstacle I’ve had with that lately is emotionally needy cats!  With my husband away, the cats keep following me around.  I hate to lock them out of the studio, but I can’t machine quilt with the constant threat of 13-17 lbs of cat suddenly landing on the quilt.  It tends to create a very ugly, peculiar jag in the quilting line, and I don’t like using my seam ripper that much.

Kyoto Cats

"Slander, vicious gossip and lies! We would never comport ourselves in so infamous a fashion."

Talking to coworkers and patients, I realize most people don’t like being “cooped up” in the house.  I agree that I don’t like having my freedom to leave my house taken away by the weather.  But because of quilting, I don’t mind as much.  Instead, the weather grants me freedom:  the freedom to focus on opportunity rather than frustration.  The freedom to create warmth on a cold day.  The freedom to explore beauty and color in the midst of winter’s bleakest moments.  When I spend all day in front of the TV or the computer, I feel bad, lazy, ashamed.  When I spend all day in the studio, I feel revitalized, accomplished, alive.  Spending a day quilting, even if I don’t accomplish much, simply makes me feel good.

May today be a good day.


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