Progress Report 2/18/10

February 18, 2010 at 10:15 am 1 comment

As ridiculous amounts of snow continue to hamper my normal going-places lifestyle, I’m trying to make the most of the situation by getting some quilting in.  Not only did I finish all the border half-blocks for “Taupe Winding Ways,” thus finishing the piecing for that quilt nearly five years after I started it, but I also assembled the upper half of the quilt top:

TWW w/ border

TWW w/ border

It’s very gratifying to see that first of all, it really does look as good as I had initially imagined way back when, and secondly, that my curved piecing skills were pretty solid from the earliest blocks.  I was concerned that there would be an obvious quality gradient from the first blocks to the most recent ones, but while I definitely got faster and more consistent with experience, I was enough of a perfectionist with this project all along that the differences aren’t obvious.

I’ve also been working on the applique to finish the border corners on my parents’ “Ruby Wedding” quilt.  Trying to do decent-looking hand applique on a queen-size quilt top is not particularly pleasant.  I’m holding myself to the same standards of stitch size and invisibility while trying to maneuver this giant weighty bulk that doesn’t let me keep the left-hand grasp where I want it.  I learned hand applique largely from the Piece o’Cake DVD, so I really emphasize the position of my left thumb as the determinant of how long my stitches are and where they come out. I should probably ask around among the hand applique types at guild to see if there’s a better way to manage a situation where your background is HUGE.  But I finished the third corner the other night while watching “The Cutting Edge” in lieu of the actual Olympic coverage.  (Don’t judge me.  I love that movie, cheesy ’80s soundtrack and all.  “Toe pick!”)

RW corner

RW corner

This weekend I am attending my Embroiderers’ Guild annual retreat, where I started the hand applique for this quilt last year.  Perhaps in the interests of symmetry I’ll bring it along to finish; perhaps in the interests of not lugging that beast around with me, I won’t.   We’ll see.

I have also sent out “Kyoto Ink” and “Blue Butterfly Day” to Quilt Fest of New Jersey.  Having had the experience of mailing out “Watching the Wheels” to Quilt Odyssey last summer, I was a little more prepared for the mailing checklist, but I still wound up sewing the additional name/ address/ phone number label onto “Blue Butterfly Day” while sitting in a booth at the Maple Donuts next to the UPS store.  I took the quilts to the office (where there are no cats) and went through nearly a full roll of Scotch lint roller adhesive things removing cat hair before bagging the quilts up to send; this experience had me Googling “sphynx cat rescues.”

I always panic when I have to mail a quilt, but I know it’s an unavoidable aspect of showing quilts, unless I want to become some sort of manic quilt chauffeur.  UPS lets me virtually stalk the quilts’ progress through the online tracking, but there’s always the possibility that something devastating could happen.  I have to remind myself that, first of all, the quilts are just things.  They are things that I made with my hands and I’m therefore inordinately proud of them, but they are just things.  If they were lost, stolen, or destroyed, I would be sad, but I would persevere.  It is worth the risk in order to be able to display them in shows.  I have enjoyed attending quilt shows for years, and have certainly benefitted from the willingness of quilters from all over the world to let me view their work.  It’s my turn to take part and enjoy both the compliments and the criticism, and if that means I have to spend a few days with my heart in my throat while the quilts are in transit and out of my control, so be it.

Today is my first day since Feb. 5 driving my car!  We got it out yesterday afternoon (then got it stuck again yesterday evening) but I am now once again a member of the driving population and mistress of my own comings and goings.  At least the last time I was stranded carless due to snow, I was living in a major city with subways; this was a whole different animal (probably a yeti.)  So I can definitely, and gratefully, attend my quilt guild meeting tonight without having to impose on anyone.  Hooray.


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  • 1. Diane Q  |  February 19, 2010 at 9:22 am

    TWW looks wonderful!!! Can’t wait to see it in person.

    I am enjoying the blog. It is very inspiring. You are doing a great job writing and you seem to be enjoying it.

    Have a great time at EGA!


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