AQS Lancaster, Part III: Vendors!

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(This got really long, so I broke it up into two parts.)

My show purchases

My show purchases

As with most of the shows I’ve attended in the last ten months or so, I entered the Lancaster show with the firm resolve not to buy any fabric unless absolutely necessary.  And I have to say, for the most part, I did pretty well.  I only bought 2 1/4 yards of fabric, and one yard of it was for my mom.  Quilt Plus got me again with their fabulous Japanese fabrics that I can’t find anywhere else, especially not an upholstery-weight print with toadstools and hedgehogs on it:

Japanese hedgehog fabric

I am powerless to resist!

And of course Pinwheels was there, with their ever-impressive collection of Daiwabo taupes.  I managed to keep my damage to two fat quarters; I picked up but set down some sealed charm packs, as I couldn’t be sure I didn’t already own the majority of the fabrics in there without being able to look through them.

Strangely enough, the two categories I bought the most in were stencils and needles.  I’m trying to get some quilts finished, so these are certainly the areas most on my mind, but I still found it funny.  J D Stencils was a vendor I hadn’t seen before, and they had really nice background filler designs at reasonable prices; I found a small clamshell from them that I plan to use on Window on Whimsy.  In the same vein, I bought some #80 titanium sewing machine needles from Superior Threads in hopes that will help solve my thread issues on Convergence Birds.  [Written before my recent sewing machine troubles.] I also bought some Clover brand easy-threading needles, as I’m trying to be disciplined enough to knot and bury my quilting thread ends, but the standard Dritz notions-wall easy-threading needles from JoAnn always seem to cut or shred my thread.  Diane spotted the brand of hand applique needles she prefers, Jeana Kimball’s Foxglove Cottage, and as I hadn’t seen them before, I thought I’d give them a try the next time I’m doing hand applique.

Diane had also brought with her for the weekend two books she wanted to show me, “More Hand Applique by Machine” by Beth Ferrier, and “Threadwork Unraveled” by Sarah Ann Smith.  I was so impressed with both that I bought copies for myself at the show.  Also in the reading material category, I subscribed to “The Quilt Life,” the new magazine from Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims, and in the process got to meet the editor, Jan Magee.  I mentioned that I was glad to see her connected to this new magazine, as I had been a big fan of “Mark Lipinski’s
Quilter’s Home” (which she had also edited.)  She responded that she was unaware she had any name recognition, so hopefully she now knows that some of us pay attention to these things.  We chatted a bit, and wound up showing each other pictures (on our iPhones) of the taupe winding ways quilts we’re BOTH working on.  They say everyone has a double somewhere — who knew?

Quilt shows are a great way to learn about new products, and I found two:  first, the new Sewline Trio, a mechanical fabric marking pencil that switches among white, dark, and a tracer tip that works with carbon-type paper.  It reminds me of the multicolor pens I coveted in sixth grade, and as I’ve been very happy with other Sewline products, I thought I’d give it a try.  Second, within the last eight months, Pellon has started producing a line of quilt batting.  The product that caught my eye first was a 50% cotton / 50% soy batting.  I’ve been happy with the Fairfield bamboo batting I’ve tried, and I love Dream Green, made from recycled soda bottles, so I had to try the latest entry into the eco-battings.  As a show special, Pellon Legacy was offering all their battings at 30% off the website price; I bought two twin size pieces of the soy blend to try on some of these UFOs, and a throw size piece of their 100% wool, which is very thin in comparison to the Quilter’s Dream and might be fun to do some trapunto experimenting with.  Since I bought these at the end of the day on Saturday, not having wanted to carry around a giant poofy sack of batting all day, I didn’t get the prime pick of sizes, but they threw in a whole bunch of freebies!  So I have even more samples to play with.

New Pellon Legacy batting

Then we went back to the car to drop off our bags and proceeded on to Liberty Place and the Spring Quilt Blossom Festival.  But that’s a story for the next post.


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