AQS Lancaster, Part IV: More Vendors!!!

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You’ve already heard me rant about the poor vendors who were consigned to the Siberia-like Liberty Place building.  Well, we did our level best to make sure that Batiks Etcetera had a good show despite their undesirable location.  I bought a yard of western/cowboy themed batik for my mom, and Diane bought… well, the picture says it better:

Batiks!I know it’s bad form to ask someone what they’re planning to do with the fabric they’re buying (it implies that a plan is required,) but she volunteered that this is for an Ohio Star quilt.  I won’t give away more details, but based on her description I can’t wait to see it.

We then proceeded to the Spring Quilt Blossom Festival, which has historically been held across the street from Quilters’ Heritage Celebration at the Continental Inn.  I was surprised to learn, some months ago, that it was still planned, despite the fact that the show was no longer held at the Lancaster Host Resort.  It became an AQS Sanctioned Event, and a shuttle bus ran between it and the convention center.  I had been curious which vendors would be there, since several of the vendors who have in the past been at Quilt Blossom (Quilter’s Express to Japan,Traditions at the White SwanQuilter’s FancySewBatik) were now at the AQS show.  As it turns out, most of the regulars were still at Quilt Blossom; Traditions at the White Swan actually had two booths, one there and one in Liberty Place.  The major difference this year was that there were no vendors on the second floor in the emptied-out hotel rooms (I always enjoyed those.)  I don’t know if this event will continue, as when we were there in the final hour of the show on Saturday, I heard some vendors grousing loudly about how bad a show this had been for them.  I’m sure they were hurt by the same constraints that hurt Liberty Place:  they were open 9-6 daily, which meant you couldn’t go after the AQS show had closed for the day, and I can’t imagine how long that shuttle bus ride must have taken (Google Maps claims it’s 6.5 miles and 12 minutes, but in Saturday evening traffic it took us closer to 30 minutes.)  Plus, even with the mention in the AQS show program, none of the new attendees would have really known it existed or what to expect.

Still, I’m glad we went there; The Stencil Company is always one of my favorite booths to visit, and I found more background fillers and an odd border design I liked.  And I’ve had at least two conversations with the woman from SewCraft Imports about making me a custom acrylic template set for the Hearts and Gizzards block, but I hadn’t followed through (I’ve had plenty to work on, thank you very much.)  Well, this year — she had it!  She just went ahead and added it to their catalogue, no custom order required.  Naturally, I had to buy it; it would have been rude not to.

Frighteningly, QFNJ and AQS Lancaster have just been the beginning of quilt show season for me.  This year I also plan to attend:

So I’m trying to pace myself.  Trying, trying, trying…


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AQS Lancaster, Part III: Vendors! The Featherweight And I

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