The Featherweight And I

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Even factoring in all the choir-singing we did for Easter and taking a trip out of state to see our nephew get baptized this past weekend, I’ve managed to put in a reasonable amount of studio time in the last couple of weeks.  Which, of course, meant I was limited to activities that didn’t require the use of my workhorse Janome, since it’s been on the DL.

I managed to resist the urge to start anything new; after all, that kind of defeats the purpose of this whole project.  Instead, I made what progress I could on the WIPs, such as making the binding for Convergence Birds:

Convergence Birds binding

Further motivation to get it finished for the show!

But primarily, I’ve been assembling Taupe Winding Ways.  While that fits the bill of only requiring straight stitching, it has required an upsetting amount of UNstitching.  Here’s the situation:  I don’t know exactly how many fabrics are represented in those blocks, but there are MANY.  So many, in fact, that one would think I wouldn’t have problems duplicating fabrics close together in a quilt top that contains 255 blocks.  One would think that, even if I put the blocks together randomly, it would be highly unlikely that the same fabric would appear two blocks away from itself.  And yet:

taupe mistake

The EXACT SAME FABRIC, two blocks apart!

I have been very careful and deliberate in placing blocks, which is increasingly difficult as the quilt top gets bigger and bigger.  Yet I keep finding places in which I have inadvertently put the same fabric (or the same print in a different colorway, or a separate fabric that looks way too much like the first one) nearly on top of itself.

As I explained when discussing this problem at a quilt show committee meeting last week, I can’t just let it go.  I’ve been working on this quilt for so many years that when it’s finally finished, I want to be able to look at it and feel nothing but happiness.  I don’t want to look at it and say, “Yeah, I should have ripped that out and moved it, but I convinced myself it didn’t matter.”  I know myself well enough to know that once I’ve found an error, I become laser-focused on it until it’s rectified.  It’s not a pleasant way to be, but it’s who I am.

Despite the two steps forward, one step back character of my progress, I do have something to show for my time.  I have 5/8 of the bottom half of the quilt top, minus the border, sewn together (albeit in three separate pieces for ease of handling.)  Since it’s so huge, I don’t have a design wall big enough to display the whole thing at once, which further complicates the attempt not to duplicate fabrics; I end up running back and forth between the upstairs hall and our bedroom, even trying to take pictures with my phone to make sure.  Yet I still keep periodically pulling out the seam ripper.  So is life.  At least I’ve taken the time to seek out and try enough seam rippers that I’ve found my favorite:

My ideal seam ripper

My ideal seam ripper

But I got a phone call Saturday that my Janome is ready, so we’ll be up and quilting again soon!  It’s been nice working on the Featherweight, with its beautiful stitch and its friendly little clackety-clack noise; I haven’t even burned myself that badly on the inconveniently placed light bulb this time out.  However, ever since I typed the title for this post, I’ve had an earworm.  And not just any earworm, but a Broadway earworm, which in my experience are the most persistent.  Just like in “The Ring,” the only way to save myself is to expose someone else, so here you go:

Idina‘s going to be on Glee!  Swoon!  I’m such a nerd.


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