Whoo Hoo!

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It had to happen sooner or later:

Convergence Birds

I finished Convergence Birds!

This is my first completed UFO since I started this project.  I’ve been making gradual progress on several others, so hopefully this summer will be an extremely productive time as far as finishing a whole bunch of quilts all at once.  Instead, lately I’ve been tackling some pretty ambitious projects with an eye toward the quilt show in June rather than working on the easy ones.

Speaking of the easy ones:  I had categorized Windows on Whimsy as being the WIP closest to completion, which considering it was already layered, basted, and had the quilting started, wasn’t entirely crazy.  HOWEVER.  I chose a no-mark, but very dense and ambitious, quilting design for that quilt.  As such, I spent two whole days of the December retreat, and a day and a half of the April retreat this past weekend, machine quilting this quilt.  AND I’M STILL NOT DONE!!!  To be fair, I’ve made a lot of progress; the only area left to be quilted is the panel section, and I’ve already ditch quilted that and done one windowpane with the clamshell design I’ve selected.  I would have done more at the retreat, but the white iron-off pounce powder I brought with me to mark the stencil design didn’t show up as well as I had hoped.  I don’t want to have to use Golden Threads paper, as I hate with a fiery passion having to tear that stuff away, but if that’s the only thing that will get this quilt finished, I’ll manage.  Heck, if walking barefoot across hot coals gets this quilt finished, I’m (probably) game.  I finished sewing the binding on it this evening, so I can see another quilt-finishing celebration on the horizon.

Window on Whimsy -- almost finished!

Window on Whimsy -- almost finished!

But back to the one I already finished:  I brought Convergence Birds to the retreat and started working on it right away, starting about lunchtime on Friday.  It was spray-basted and I had ditch quilted the convergence section and along the satin stitched applique bird border, but that was as far as I had gotten when my machine started acting up.  I had also made the binding.  This time, with my newly serviced machine, the free motion quilting went extremely well.

Quilting detail, Convergence Birds

Quilting detail, Convergence Birds

The only problem I encountered was that I hadn’t spray-basted the edges of the quilt top as thoroughly as I might have, so every now and then a fabric edge would catch on the darning foot and create a pleat that I’d have to rip out, but I could deal with that.  I really liked quilting the wool batting; I will definitely be using it for Ruby Wedding.  The fact that I’d had so much time to consider my options for quilting design and thread choice due to all my unanticipated delays meant that I was extremely confident in my final choices, and that combination of confidence and uninterrupted quilting time made the completion of this quilt a thoroughly enjoyable experience.  I love retreat!

Someone at retreat mentioned that next time, we should bring a bell to ring every time someone finishes a project.  We had a full house this time, so even though each quilter tended to announce her successes, not everyone heard.  And although a bell would be nice, the happy dance in my head tends to sound a little more rockin’:

Yes, that is actually what plays in my head when I finish a quilt.  I even wore this shirt for the occasion:

Whoo Hoo! shirt

I hope this shirt will get a lot more wear in the near future.


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