PA National Quilt Extravaganza 2010

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Which Came First

"Which Came First" by Anne Morrell Robinson and Grace Whiting


Actually getting around to posting about this!

The first issue I must address about this show is the name:  Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza does not exactly roll off the tongue.  It doesn’t even have a cute acronym.  This is why I, and most people I know, tend to refer to it as “the Fort Washington show”, even though it hasn’t been held in Fort Washington for at least four years.  Since it moved to the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center I’ve been flirting with calling it “the Philadelphia show,” but a) it’s not really in Philadelphia, being located about a 40 min. drive to the northwest of the city; and b) that sounds less like a quilt show and more like a TV show about corruption and cheesesteaks.  (I kid, I kid, I lived there for five years.)  At least it’s less confusing than it was during the intervening years between the Fort Washington expo center and the current location, when it was held at the Harrisburg Farm Show complex, because calling something “the Farm Show show” just leads to shame and self-loathing.


Reflections of a Rising Sun

"Reflections of a Rising Sun" by Ann L. Petersen


So:  Diane and I went to PNQE (that works in print if not in speech, but hey, we’re on the internet here!)  She had been in the area for a work-related seminar, and I was departing Friday afternoon for a weekend of work in Indiana, so we were able to attend the show Thursday on its very first day.  It was crowded but not ridiculous, which was a good thing because I haven’t internalized the fact that my pregnant body is now no longer any narrower if I turn to the side.  (Fortunately I only knocked a couple of fat quarters on the floor with my belly trying to absentmindedly squeeze through booths.)  Like the other Mancuso quilt shows I’ve attended, it was large.  The majority of the quilts on display aren’t actually from the competition specific to the show (which always drives my mom nuts when it comes to voting for Viewer’s Choice) but are traveling exhibits such as  the World Quilt Competition, quilts from SAQA, and the Hoffman Challenge.  The show program actually lists seventeen special exhibits.  This means there are over six hundred quilts (and garments) on display, according to the show website.  I’m getting fatigued all over again just typing about it.


Henry the Octopus

"Henry the Octopus" by Betty Busby


I have to say, I really thought the competition stepped it up a notch this year.  (Good pictures of all the ribbon winners can be found here.)  The quilts were amazing, and special congratulations to Diane on sharing in a blue ribbon for Best Wall Quilt for a stunning Alaskan landscape slice quilt:



Slice quilt

"Ketchikan, Alaska" by Lila Mason, Fran Frederick, Rose Kotzalas, Diane Quinn, Karen Zemba & Nancy Reigel



Vendor-wise, I managed once again to be very conservative in my purchasing.  I didn’t entirely escape buying fabric, because I knew I would regret not buying this fat quarter:

blah blah blahbut mostly I bought stencils, having found some good deals and being very much in the machine-quilting mindset.  Plus, I suspect someone at The Stencil Company must have planted a post-hypnotic suggestion on me or something, because I seem powerless to NOT buy something from them every time I’m within gravitational pull of their show booth.  At least all my new (and old) stencils are catalogued and organized now, so I don’t have guilt associated with them — well, except for the part about not actually using them…

Once done with the show, we met Rhonda for dinner and proceeded to my quilt guild meeting, where we enjoyed a trunk show lecture by Didi Salvatierra full of even more quilty gorgeousness:


Stars on the Susquehanna

Detail, "Stars on the Susquehanna" by Didi Salvatierra


And then Friday morning we watched a Patsy Thompson machine quilting DVD until it was time to get packed up and on our respective roads.  I didn’t get to any quilt shops while I was in Indiana; the only one whose hours aligned with my work schedule was Back Door Quilts, and I had just been there in August, so I passed in favor of some really good thrift store shopping.  I did, however, have my laptop and my quilting DVDs with me, and I watched Kim Brunner’s Twirly Whirly Feathers DVD in my motel room to mentally prepare myself for Quilting with Machines, my next stop — and next blog post.


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  • 1. Ann L. Petersen  |  October 17, 2010 at 1:28 pm

    Just found your blog and really enjoy reading your insightful comments. It was a thrill to see a picture of my quilt, Reflections of a Rising Sun on your PIQF review. Thank you so much. I live in Colorado and so never got to see it hang. You provided me with a vicarious thrill.


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