QwM 2011: Quilt Show!

October 19, 2011 at 11:47 am Leave a comment

The shared space for the vendors and quilt show at this year’s Quilting with Machines was significantly easier to navigate through, and not just because I’m not seven months pregnant this year (thank God.) Part of the increase in available space was due to the wise move of relocating the demo area to its own adjacent room. What I’m not entirely sure of was whether they actually had more space to work with by opening up an additional section of ballroom, or if there were just simply fewer quilts and vendors and therefore more available space. I heard both opinions voiced, but didn’t get the opportunity to talk to anyone in a position to actually know for certain. The crowds also seemed less dense, but again, whether that was due to fewer attendees, the timing of my visits to the show, or again, just more available room, I do not have the facts to determine.

The Best of Show winner was Fire and Ice by Claudia Pfeil, which is gorgeous and fabulous and has got to have won its weight in ribbons by now. I’ve seen it at several other shows, so I didn’t take a new picture; there are nice ones of it and all the other winners at QwM’s show page here. Most of the pictures I did take were of the kind of quilting I think I can reasonably aspire to; there were lots of great ideas. Recently, as I attend shows I’ve been focusing more on trying to get pictures to serve as examples of how other quilters have solved the kind of design decision problems I’m always wrestling with:  the kind that Debby Brown addressed in her class. I tried to get some good detail shots of the quilting, as well as the overall beauty of the quilts.

So bear with me as I try out the slideshow function of WordPress for the first time, and allow me to be your virtual White Glove Angel as you enjoy the pretty!

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